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RST Solutions can recommend and supply suitable erosion control products that are diluted and applied to the problem area, usually via water cart or other suitable spray system.

RST Solutions’ erosion control products have been designed with the project in mind and also taking into consideration the available equipment, what the problem is, and the most cost-effective way to treat it.

RST Solutions’ erosion control products are environmentally friendly and designed specifically for the areas they treat. For more information visit Our Products section.

Key benefits of erosion control products

Reduced Soil Erosion

Significantly reduce soil erosion
and run off. Suitable for various

Easily Applied

Easy application via water cart or other suitable watering system.

Immediate Results

Fast drying products that provide instant erosion control. 

Applications we treat

RST Solutions has developed a range of erosion control products and services to specifically treat each individual issue and problem area.

Open Broad Acre Areas

Floccing and



Embankment/ Batters

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