RT20 Dynamic is applied as part of your standard road construction practices

Why use RT20 Dynamic?

Improves the quality of substandard materials

Increases road surface life and strengths

Reduces the damaging effects of water

Greatly reduces maintenance

“The construction improvement we found with material workability and compaction was significant.”

Engineer - England


“This product was remarkable worked extremely well particularly on high volume haul road bull dust blow outs dumps and light vehicle roads , because this product was so effective therefore reducing the number of water required”

Works Engineer - Australian

Local Government

Key Benefits

Diluted in the compaction water and applied as per standard procedures

Requires significantly less force to achieve maximum compaction

Improves the qualities of substandard road construction materials

Increases existing road building material density and strengths

Reduces the requirement for imported expensive aggregates

Reduces water permeability through a tighter denser structure

Increases road surface life and reduces maintenance

Assists in reducing dust levels

Cost effective and easy to use

Application Procedures

Determine a Treatment Depth

Rip The Road

Water in The Additive Solution

Blend The Material

Lay The Treated Material Out


Greatly Reducing Costs and Increasing Performance

Lower construction cost through the use of in-situ & nearby materials

Reduced vehicle ‘roll resistance’ resulting in reduced fuel usage, machinery wear and tear, etc.

Reduced ongoing road maintenance costs due to a more structurally constructed road that is less prone to water damage

Fast construction times due to ease of application.

Reduced dust - reducing machinery maintenance costs.

Improved tyre wear through an improved road surface.

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