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RST has designed high quality, environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions for the mining, construction, civil and agricultural industries globally.


We are here to analyse your specific issues and provide a solution which keeps in mind all aspects of your project.”

-Reynold Soil Technologies-

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RST follows a 7 Step Solution process which assists us in providing solutions in the following areas:

1. Evaluate your problem.

2. Develop a solution

3.  Recommend, Communicate and Agree on a solution.

4. Design and Install Mechanical Systems.

5. Implement the solutions.

6. Monitor the results.

7. Report, Validate and Recommend further strategies.

Road Stabilisation

RST has developed and manufactured a wide range of Soil Stabilising Aids to facilitate improved compaction levels for a number of applications.

RST’s Soil Stabilising Aids are designed to modify the existing material and improve structural integrity for effective road stabilisation.


Dust Control

Dust Control is an issue that has become very important to manage on various projects throughout the Mining and Civil industries due to health and safety concerns, EPA regulations and also to assist with productivity.

RST has identified numerous Dust Control problems and problem areas within construction, civil, agriculture and mining that include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Excessive Dust produced on unsealed roads from light and heavy traffic
  • Reduced productivity due to excessive dust in various areas of Mine Sites
  • High water usage from overwatering roads
  • Health and Safety concerns for Employees and local town residents

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