Hydromulch Tackifier

Soil Binding and Colloidal Fixative

Hydromulch Tackifier


  • Supplied in a concentrated granular or liquid form
  • Consists of natural polymers
  • Binds soil, seed and mulch mediums together and to the ground
  • Can be applied with different fibres, seed, fertiliser, wetting agents and green dye
  • Reduces water usage and helps retain available moisture
  • Reduces erosion and the effects of erosion
  • Breaks down naturally as root systems are established
  • Applied through hydromulching/hydroseeding equipment
  • Environmentally safe
  • Reduced mixing time when using a liquid
  • Limits leeching of nutrients and fertilisers


Hydromulch Tackifier is supplied in two concentrated forms, granular and liquid. Both are slowly diluted into the hydromulching tank whilst under agitation.

Flat Areas: 5-10kg per hectare
Slopes: 10-20kg per hectare

Flat Areas: 10-20L per hectare
Slopes: 20-40L per hectare*Agitation is essential in mixing the product properly. It must be added slowly into the water. Do not add product in large quantities.


Whilst fibre mulch and paper systems offer basic water-holding and ground binding properties, the addition of a colloidal fixative (Hydromulch Tackifier) will greatly enhance the effectiveness and soil binding strength of the mulch. Hydromulch Tackifier works by binding together the various components of the Hydromulch and helps bind it to the soil.

Hydromulch Tackifier starts working straight away and does not require extended periods of time to take effect and offer erosion protection. Can be applied in wet weather conditions. Hydromulch Tackifier soaks into the soil and binds together soil particles forming an aggregation process.