Seed Stay & Grow

Seed & Soil Locking Technology

Seed Stay & Grow


SEED STAY & GROW has been developed to spray over seed sown ground or alternatively mixing the seeds in the solution and spraying to bind the seeds to the ground and promote faster growth.

SEED STAY & GROW binds the seeds to the ground and forms a crust on the soil surface that still enables water to penetrate and the soil to breathe.

SEED STAY & GROW creates a soil crust to minimise erosion until the seeds germinate and the vegetation takes over. The individual seeds become coated with Seed Stay & Grow and as a result of the products unique film forming properties, the seeds are protected from the elements to germinate faster.


Seed Stay & Grow forms a crust, bonding the individual seeds to the soil surface. This film, based upon RST’s proven Floraguard technology, coats the seed, reduces moisture loss from the soil and protects the seed from heat, UV, cold and frosts. These actions increase growth rates and reduce germination loss. In addition, using Seed Stay & Grow, reduces the requirement for mulch to be used.

Note: If fertiliser is to be added to the solution being sprayed, RST recommends that a small jar test is performed, mixing all the components together to ensure they are chemically compatible and stable. Seed Stay & Grow locks up the nutrients in the desired area, allowing the full benefit of the fertiliser to be achieved.


SEED STAY & GROW is diluted with water and then sprayed onto the surface to be treated using standard watering equipment or specialised hydroseeding equipment for project work.

– 200L per ha – hydromulching work

– 400L per ha @ 1:50 applied at a 2L dilution per m2 (Flat / Rolling Hills)

– 800L per ha @ 1:12.5 applied at a 1L dilution per m2 (Steep embankments or slopes)