Powdered Hydromulching and Hydroseeding Binder



  • Applied with or without mulch
  • Forms a strong crust to stop erosion until seed strike takes over
  • Natural polymers break down and stimulate soil microbiological activity
  • Binds seed to the ground and promotes faster germination with seed protection
  • Excellent water holding performance
  • Applied through hydromulching/hydroseeding equipment
  • 100% naturally occurring polymers
  • Once the crust is formed water will not dissolve the crust yet will still allow water to penetrate into the soil
  • Dosage rates are varied to increase the binders strength and longevity
  • Can be applied with different fibres, seed, fertiliser package, wetting agents and green dye
  • The most cost effective natural hydromulching/hydroseeding binding agent
  • Environmentally safe
  • Australian made


Medium binding – 10 grams to 20 grams per m2
Heavy duty binding – 20 grams to 30 grams per m2


SUPERNATURAL powdered hydromulching/hydroseeding binder contains organic polymers which are simply dissolved into the water of the hydromulching/hydroseeding equipment and sprayed as a binder and crusting agent for numerous hydromulching/hydroseeding applications. SUPERNATURAL can be applied as a single component for an ultra-cost effective erosion and dust control solution or in combination with other hydromulching or hydroseeding products as a total erosion package.

An added advantage delivered when using SUPERNATURAL is when the natural polymers slowly breakdown as polysaccharides, this stimulates the microbiological activity in the soil to energise and revitalise the soil. This is very important in rehabilitation projects where topsoils or overburden have been stockpiled for extended periods of time. SUPERNATURAL being naturally derived and inert is compatible with all other hydromulching/hydroseeding products. RST have a full range of fertiliser packages, wetting agents and marking dyes to add forming a complete erosion control package.